Acasti Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Grace Therapeutics, Inc.

Our Science

Since 2008, Acasti Pharma’s scientists have focused on the research and development of new krill oil-based forms of omega-3 phospholipid therapies for the treatment of cardiometabolic diseases.


A Natural Advantage

Sourced from krill oil, CaPre® sought to reduce triglycerides while also potentially providing beneficial effects on LDL-C and HDL-C in patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia. Since 2008, Acasti Pharma has focused on addressing a critical market need for an effective, safe and well-absorbing omega-3 therapeutic that can make a positive impact on the major blood lipids associated with cardiovascular disease risk.

Approximately 60% of omega-3s in CaPre are naturally bound to phospholipids and the rest are "free" fatty acids - both forms are more efficiently absorbed.

Pharmaceutical omega-3s derived from fish oils currently on the market, by contrast, are typically "esterified," meaning the triglycerides are removed and the omega-3s are chemically linked to ethyl esters, derivatives not found in nature. For optimal bioavailability of esterified omega-3s, patients must consume the product with a fatty meal. However, hypertriglyceridemic patients are typically advised to follow low fat diets. The bioavailability of CaPre was not meaningfully affected by the fat content of a meal consumed prior to drug administration, enabling patients with hypertriglyceridemia to remain on track with their physician-recommended diet.

A Novel Composition and Formulation

CaPre, Acasti’s prescription drug candidate, is a highly purified omega-3 phospholipid concentrate derived from krill oil.

Acasti’s global patent portfolio encompasses CaPre and its composition until the last of its patents expire in 2031. Acasti currently holds numerous composition of matter and method of use patents in various jurisdictions around the world including in the U.S., China, Japan, Taiwan and Australia, and we have numerous additional patents pending.

In The News

Our latest article in the BIOTECanada Magazine - 2019 Spring Edition:

Acasti Pharma’s innovative manufacturing process for CaPre and partnership with CordenPharma is profiled in Chemical & Engineering News: Out of the sea and into the factory for Acasti’s heart drug ingredient Acasti picks CordenPharma to extract omega-3s from krill